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5 non-obvious mistakes that stunt your business growth

A successful business is not just about new customers and increased sales. Even a small family business can lose control if it misses the early signals of an impending crisis. Predict market fluctuations. Predict a competitor's next move. Understand what the customer wants. It is unlikely that all these tasks can be performed without mistakes. Doing nothing is not making a mistake!
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The Cobra Effect. When solving a problem becomes a problem

"The Cobra Effect is a solution that actually exacerbates the current problem. In an effort to attract customer attention, to increase sales efficiency, we announce promotions and organise sales. And then we are surprised to find that our 'good intentions' have had completely unexpected and sometimes negative results. Why is this?
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How to simplify the checkout process on the website?

Congratulations! A customer has selected a product and has already placed an online order on your website. You have worked hard. You have built sales funnels, invested time and money in advertising, promoted on social networks, optimised your website. Another 5 minutes and your efforts will be justified. But something went wrong! The customer has left. What 'scared him away'? Did he not want to buy anything? Or was there another reason?
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How To Get To The Top of Google? E-Сommerce Content

Many articles have been written on the subject and Google's mysterious algorithms and innovations continue to torment the souls of website owners, marketers and mere mortals alike. Let's talk about why it can be so difficult for e-commerce sites to get to the top of Google's search results.
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Expert Tips. Effective eMail marketing

Email has been a relevant digital marketing tool for over forty years. Popular messengers, targeted advertising, SEO and social media are often less effective in promoting products and services.
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Product and pricing in dropshipping

Pricing in dropshipping is directly related to the product or service the business is selling or bringing to market. Although it is a fairly competitive business, the pricing strategy needs to be adaptable to the situation. You need to experiment and try different pricing options, explore new product lines to understand which are successful and which are not.
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The Physics of Sales and Hunt's Ladder

Marketing is all about motion. When it comes to attracting and retaining customers, why not think of Sir Isaac Newton? There are four forces at work with a customer: hope for the best, dissatisfaction, fear of failure and habit. The salesperson's job is to counteract these forces.
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Make Your Website User-Friendly

"Blocked on the marketplace! This unfortunate story happened to Betonlogos affiliate. General planned control, stop sales, advertising and keyword promotion. These are the realities: each major platform has its own rules and conditions.
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Automated Sale Funnel

An automated sales funnel is a kind of autopilot that unobtrusively 'warms up' the target audience at all stages of the funnel. Leads them automatically to the main purchase. And most importantly. It happens without human intervention.
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Calculate the market size and choose a niche

Market volume (size) is the total number of sales or customers in a given industry or segment over a given period of time. Dropshipping allows the seller's resources to adapt to different consumer trends in the market. In the search for a balance between price and quality.
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Negotiation Techniques: Getting What You Want

A successful negotiation strategy combines good will, analysis of the situation and the ability to assess the balance of power. Successful negotiations are not spontaneous. You need to prepare for them by studying the person you are dealing with.
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Real-Time Marketing and analytics tools

Real-time marketing is based on the principles of speed, relevance and engagement. Unusual, personalised and creative advertising campaigns are often in response to unexpected news or events. Real-time marketing uses data and analytics to track customer behaviour and market trends. Fast and furious!
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Customer loyalty is an important part of business strategy

Loyalty is a customer's positive attitude towards a company or brand, formed as a result of a positive customer experience. In simple terms, a customer will come back to you for a repeat order or purchase. They may also recommend your shop, service, restaurant, petrol station, etc. to their friends and family, or leave a positive review on social media or Google.
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Why are blogs important for business?

An effective blog can be an effective part of a business' marketing strategy. Interesting, useful and applicable articles posted on a blog attract readers, increase website traffic and retain customers. A blog is another point of contact that makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for.
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Dropshipping - a tool for testing demand

The direct-delivery market will continue to grow steadily over the next 5 years. This means dropshipping will continue to be popular as a simple and affordable online business model. Retailers and distributors are using dropshipping to expand their assortment and test demand by buying small trial batches of merchandise.
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How PR can help small businesses and experts - key success factors

“PR does not sell”, “summer is not the season”, “it is necessary to save the marketing budget” - you can continue to listen to the excuses of marketers and humbly wait until everyone runs stung in the fall and with hundreds of hanging tasks. Or always be in good shape and try new opportunities.
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How to run a cross-promo for furniture

Cross-promo has long been used by many Internet marketers as an effective and relatively not expensive tool additionally, and sometimes the main sales channel. The pandemic and the events of 2022 have become more than ever a test of marketing and specialists in this area.
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