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“PR does not sell”, “summer is not the season”, “it is necessary to save the marketing budget” - you can continue to listen to the excuses of marketers and humbly wait until everyone runs stung in the fall and with hundreds of hanging tasks. Or always be in good shape and try new opportunities.

Growth in recognition and popularity, a jump in sales and coverage, improvement of reputation and status - with such tasks, trained clients most often turn to PR agencies and get results. For those who are not yet ready or have faced PR, but to no avail ("they gave an interview somewhere - so what?" or "freelancing sent something to the media - zero effect") and this article is written.

The biggest fear of entrepreneurs is that after PR, the opposite effect will come. It's really possible. If you position the company incorrectly or frame it ambiguously, there is a chance of getting a negative response. Such an example was recently the advertising campaign of one of the wealthy companies "Dove". Many found a racist response in their ads. The company had to make a public apology and correct the situation.

Of course, PR is not about how powerful and rich you are. PRs are about delivering the right messages to your target audience so they discover, reach, and buy with the thought you need.

Another advertising fear comes from the expected envy of employees. These concerns were expressed by an entrepreneur for whom we organized an article at one of the largest multimedia holdings, and for the sake of interest we turned to a dozen other entrepreneurs for whom we had already organized such articles. The essence of the answers comes down to the uselessness of fear and a little iterative training.

In this article, we will not disassemble unconscious fears of advertising so as not to take bread from worthy people - business psychologists.
We don't attribute time and budget to fear. Think of this investment in PR as testing a new channel.

Why do you need this information right now?

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1. Watch in different chats.
Every day there are requests for specialists in a specific field of business and life. If you haven't found a target, answer no target. This will be your omission to answer questions. Your task is to appear 5 times in a month and a half to fully understand the effect. It is not necessary to live in a million-dollar city to participate in television.

2. Collaborate with the stars.
Give them a personal product for a free repost.

3. Explosive PR. It's a very strong tool.
- Unusual client.
- Record.
- Unusual use of your product or service.
- Unusual vacancy.
- Newsjacking

What keeps entrepreneurs and businesses from PR activity

Firstly, Betonlogos Czech Republic works for PR and have been doing it for more than 20 years. There's a lot to share. And secondly, Betonlogos marketing sees every day how this marketing tool can help entrepreneurs:
- spending virtually no money - if you act under your responsibility - test performance specifically for your business. And if "ok" - then put on a system basis;
- strengthen your marketing, increase the conversion, gain the trust of current and future customers thanks to new, I am sure for many rubrics on your sites and in the main points called "Press about us."

As a last resort, if your PR doesn't work for sale, articles posted permanently can be used every 9 times. At least have fun, get compliments from your children's friends or mum for "seeing you on TV."
So let's touch on one, very important issue.

What to do right now - where to start in steps

Where to get a PR specialist - do you need a team

It is very important to correctly predict the budget. PR is a very rubber thing: it can cost $1,000 and several million.

And if you do not understand at all how much a PR campaign can cost, we advise you to just consult, even if it is paid - this will more than pay off for you.

The main part of the work can be done by a team of only three people (administrator, account manager and news sower).

On the client side, it is important that the client himself is always in touch and his assistant to send additional information at the request of the journalist.

Now you don't have to go to the bathhouse and drink to advertise your product). Now it is enough just to sow in thematic publics, since there are a lot of them and this is not a problem at all.


Do not shoot yourself in the foot and launch PR actions, waiting for hype. Why? On the contrary, you need more positive, of course, you do not need to use something worn out - think and give the audience something fresh. Believe me - it will be much more effective!


If there is a negative

1. Be open first, and then close. At least a year, you need to act.
2. Do not confirm the legend and say that they "joked." You won't be able to "joke" anymore.
3. You cannot make many edits during the campaign - you risk losing a thread.
4. Bet on 1 PR campaign. The system beats the class.
5. PR is primarily positive. There will be more positive emotions in your eyes - the financial result will be more successful. Verified.

Betonlogos company wishes you success, marketers!

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