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"Blocked on the marketplace! This unfortunate story happened to Betonlogos affiliate. General planned control, stop sales, advertising and keyword promotion. These are the realities: each major platform has its own rules and conditions. In this respect, it's better to protect yourself and not to forget your own website. And, of course, do not put all your eggs in one basket. Search and find other platforms. For example, the trading network of Betonlogos marketing.

Creating your own e-commerce site is not difficult. But making it user-friendly and effective for business is not. Since last year, Google has been favouring human-centred sites in its ranking, rather than search engine-centred sites (Helpful Content Update). What do you need to think about and know? How can you use your website to find partners, test demand, make good deals with product manufacturers and dropshipping suppliers?

To make it easy for users to find information and products, simplify navigation and make key elements accessible. Sort and filter options, the shopping basket and contact details should be clearly visible and conveniently located.
  • Place the search bar at the top of the page
  • Sort, search and filter fields can be placed above the product list or on the sidebar.

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Identify your target audience

Not everyone who visits your website is a customer. To avoid wasting energy and money, it's important to know exactly who you're targeting with your advertising. Segmenting your audience based on demographics will help you develop the right strategy for both selling and promoting your e-commerce site.

Pay particular attention to: demographics (age, gender, location, education), behavioural factors (time on site, time spent on site), psychological data (queries entered by the user).

Ease of navigation

Choose a reliable hosting provider and regularly check your site's loading speed. Use Google PageSpeed Insights to do this.
  • Optimise images, scripts and styles
  • Use image compression to reduce file size
  • Avoid large files such as video or audio on the homepage

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Readable fonts

Clear and legible fonts are the foundation of website design. Poorly legible or unclear fonts can be a barrier to understanding information. Make text easy to read. Choose fonts that are appropriate for your audience and consider their size and contrast.

Minimalism in design

Too much information and too many elements on website pages can be confusing and distracting. To ensure clear and easy navigation, focus on the most important elements and content. Think about the structure of the page and carefully remove irrelevant elements.

Optimise the checkout page

Make the checkout process as intuitive as possible. Ensure that forms are simple and clear, and that users can go back and edit their order at any time. Easily accessible contact information (phone, email, chat) will help users resolve their questions quickly by contacting site support.

A pleasing colour palette

The choice of colour palette undoubtedly affects the emotional perception of the site. It has a psychological effect on the user, making the arrival on the site more pleasant. Pay attention to the contrast of colours for better readability of text.

Mobile adaptation

The site should display correctly on different screen sizes and support touch and swipe interactions. Make sure the site is well adapted to mobile devices. Google Mobile Friendly Test is a special tool from Google that tests the usability of mobile pages. Another option is to press F12. This will bring up a page of the site in the middle of the screen that you can view on different mobile devices.

Multiple payment options

Study your target audience's preferences and offer as many payment options as possible. You need to identify abandoned shopping carts and incomplete payments. Offer users multiple payment options, including credit cards, e-wallets and other popular methods. Ensure payment security. PayPal is very popular, and digital wallet solutions such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Amazon Pay, Visa and Masterpass make it easy to avoid entering a credit card number when shopping.

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