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How quickly can a business change its business strategies and align them with sustainability goals? Which is better for the ecosystem: to optimize the company's production processes or to transform it?

Innovation and technological advances are key to solving both economic and environmental problems. Technology moves the world and the economy forward, while bringing destruction and suffering. Only the individual in particular and society as a whole can, by making a willful decision, stop and change this. By 2030, Betonlogos company plans to modernize infrastructure and retool most industrial plants, making them sustainable by increasing resource efficiency and expanding the use of clean and environmentally friendly technologies and industrial processes.

Every transformation and technology affects our lives and changes our economic, social, cultural and human environment. Ultimately, it all comes down to people and their values.

Sustainability is a business approach that creates new long-term value for a specific organization in an environmental, social and economic environment. All sustainability processes are built on the firm belief that the strategies developed will not only help the planet, but also the company itself.

Already, most companies' goals include: waste reduction, renewable energy, carbon neutrality, renewable fuel production, climate change mitigation, solar and wind projects, waste reduction, resource productivity, material optimization, water management and more.

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More and more companies are seeking and developing their own ‘technological eco-advantages’ - new developments based on advanced technologies that will simultaneously have zero emissions and generate profits. It is known that a combination of process automation, carbon data transparency and sustainable business models can reduce emissions by 45-70%.

Solutions based on the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence also optimize energy efficiency in real time, while reducing emissions and saving money.

Firms can improve their operational processes without drastically changing their business model by reducing their negative impact on the environment and society (using renewable energy sources, changing the quality and quantity of packaging materials). This can be achieved relatively easily by adding sustainability requirements and a social focus to already existing quality criteria and profit issues. This approach is sometimes called ‘eco-efficiency.

By embracing sustainability and seeing it as a business opportunity, many companies are creating revolutionary products and services that are not only marketable, but also good for the environment. To achieve organizational transformation, companies are radically changing processes, reorganizing, and breaking down employee routines.

More and more companies see sustainability as an area of competitive advantage and incorporate its principles into their corporate culture. By incorporating sustainability principles into their innovation processes, companies are creating new products and services that are good for society and business.

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