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Negotiation Techniques: Getting What You Want

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A successful negotiation strategy combines good will, analysis of the situation and the ability to assess the balance of power. Successful negotiations are not spontaneous. You need to prepare for them by studying the person you are dealing with.

Negotiation is the art of compromise. In the Eastern negotiating strategy, both sides must remain in favour, even if only by feeling. In the Western world, negotiation is seen as a competition in which there must be a winner.

Whether you are communicating with your counterpart at a real negotiating table or conducting a video negotiation on Zoom, Skype or Google Meet, the techniques of negotiation remain the same. The techniques can vary depending on the situation, the people involved and the goals to be achieved.

Logistics and delivery: how logistics will be organised, who will be responsible for transport and what measures will be taken to minimise delivery risks.

Production and technical details: the parties can discuss technical specifications, production capabilities and other details that affect the quality and cost of the goods.

Long-term cooperation: it is important to discuss the possibility of long-term cooperation, partnership and mutual support.

Know what you want and ask for more

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What to discuss?

Price and payment terms: Trade negotiations come down to price. The parties will discuss the price of the goods and the terms of payment.

Quality of goods: the supplier should provide information on the quality of the goods, certificates and documentation of compliance with standards. The buyer may propose quality requirements and discuss the terms of inspection of the goods.

Scope and terms of delivery: the parties must discuss the scope of the goods to be delivered, their quantity and the terms of delivery.

Returns and warranty: the terms of warranty and service should be agreed in advance.

The art of negotiation is the art of making concessions. A compromise strategy means that both sides make some concessions in order to reach an agreement. It works well when both sides are equal and a quick result is important. Hide your intentions and ask for more. At the beginning of the negotiation, focus on specific points in the contract that you are actually quite happy with. Discuss these to give the impression that you are making concessions.

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Control your emotions

Don't forget why you came to negotiate. Remain calm and cool. This will not only allow you to analyse your opponent's actions and proposals correctly, but will also help you to make the best decision. If your counterpart loses control of his emotions, he is likely to give you very valuable information to help you understand what he really wants. Playing on emotions and using psychological factors increases the chances of success in negotiations.

Show perspectives

To convince your interviewer, it is better to be specific. Show clearly what he or she will gain from your proposal. Conversely, tell them what they will lose if they refuse to cooperate. Be as specific as possible. The value of the partnership and the prospect of working with you should not be in doubt!

Build trusting relationships

Honesty and ethical negotiation are the foundation of a long-term and mutually beneficial relationship between the parties. Lies and deception can cause significant damage to trust, reputation and business. Negotiate, give real arguments, give reasoned arguments, but do not deceive. Try to negotiate in a calm and friendly atmosphere.

Letting go of short-term ambitions in negotiations can be a strategically wise decision, especially if you are looking for long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with partners or customers. Concessions bring you closer to your goal, while short-term victories only take you further away.

Betonlogos s.r.o. prepares and supports negotiations between partners and their counterparts. Betonlogos company analyses the specific environment, take into account: interests, strengths and weaknesses of the parties involved in the transaction and carefully study the context of the transaction. We train our partners in various negotiation techniques and use integrative (cooperation) and distributive (competition) strategies.

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Letting go of short-term ambitions

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