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Why are blogs important for business?

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An effective blog can be an effective part of a business' marketing strategy. Interesting, useful and applicable articles posted on a blog attract readers, increase website traffic and retain customers. A blog is another point of contact that makes it easier for users to find what they are looking for.

60% of users visit blogs at least once a week. It is worth noting that more often than not, readers may not realise they are on a blog page. He or she enters a query into a search engine and arrives at a page with useful information.

At Betonlogos s.r.o. we support our clients' businesses. First and foremost we pay attention to how our customers' website works and how it is organised. And, of course, we tell them how a website blog increases their profits and rating.

Blogging. Reason #1. Attracts traffic to the site
Relevant content increases website traffic. Sites with blogs are visited by 55% more users. Keeping the site up to date and posting new blog articles increases its search engine ranking. The reader wants to solve a problem, the blog gives him the answer, while advertising and promoting the business service or product. Attract new customers, increasing traffic to the site, by posting links to the blog on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, and inviting readers to link to the site.

We want to share this with you. So, "Five reasons why blogs are important for business".

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Blogging. Reason #2. Increases search engine optimization

Increasing organic traffic to a website - attracting users, not through advertising - is an important part of SEO and search engine optimization. Search engines increase website rankings by tracking: new content, number of indexed pages and relevant and quality content. Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Semrush or Answer the Public help to track and analyse both your own and your competitor sites.

Links to blog content on social networks, asking people to share or like posts are all activities which help to promote the site, increase its reach and visibility.

Blogging. Reason #3. Attracts new customers

A link to useful and well-written blog content can show up in Google search results for years, generating new leads. A new article is another page indexed by the search engine. Don't forget to include calls to action on your blog pages. Offer free downloads of useful content or registration in exchange for user information (email address, social media profile).

Blog. Reason #4. Audience trust

A blog builds the reader's perception of a business as a whole. A well-written article "between the lines" can talk about a company's values, unobtrusively promote its services, products, successes and experiences.

Blogs can answer common customer questions, demonstrating professionalism in their answers, offering help in solving problems, encouraging potential customers to give their contact details. Demonstrating empathy and personalising content to reach multiple generations helps build trust.

Blogging. Reason #5. The blog is a bridge

A blog is a bridge of sorts between a potential customer and a business. It can be used to show the human side of a business, to talk about everyday concerns, problems and joys. Readers can learn about businesses they may never have thought of or known about.

If readers leave comments under a blog post, respond to them, answer questions, and keep the conversation going. Remember that business should not be the central theme of every blog post. Win your readers' trust with reliable information, interesting articles and useful content.

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