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An automated sales funnel is a kind of autopilot that unobtrusively 'warms up' the target audience at all stages of the funnel. Leads them automatically to the main purchase. And most importantly. It happens without human intervention.

Autofunnel - a series of steps and actions from a customer's first contact with a company to a purchase or other targeted action. The aim is to automate most of this process, optimise and speed up the work and increase the conversion rate (efficiency).

Connected services (CRM) do most of the work of an automated funnel: they process requests, engage in dialogue, remove objections. They collect data, record requests from multiple channels (website, messenger, social networks).

Customised chatbots use ready-made scripts and can independently build dialogues, accept requests and answer users' questions around the clock. Betonlogos s.r.o. helps online merchants choose the most effective software tools to build repeatable and improved funnels. Adding an online advisor to a website can increase the average cheque by 40%! A properly configured system automatically makes recommendations for additional sales, sends reminders for abandoned baskets, recommends products based on purchase history and uses behavioural targeting to track and evaluate customer actions.

With specialists of BetonLogos let's take a look at some of the key elements of an autofunnel.

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How it works

An online shop creates an automated funnel for new visitors to the site. After the user leaves their email address in exchange for a small gift and allows emails to be sent to them, the system automatically sends a welcome message to their mobile phone with an offer of a discount on their first purchase. A few days later, they receive a personalised email with product recommendations tailored to their interests and preferences.

Funnel automation can start from the moment a potential customer sends an enquiry to the retailer's website. Such a funnel directs the customer to a page with detailed product information, and then a chatbot offers a free consultation by phone or video conference.

How and with what do you automate the funnel?

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Lead Magnet

To attract the attention of potential customers, a salesperson can offer something of value (a discount or unusual content) in exchange for their contact details.

Example. An online cosmetics retailer might offer a discount on their first purchase in exchange for signing up to a newsletter about the latest trends in age-defying cosmetics.

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This is a low-cost product that helps to build a relationship with a customer and then sell them more expensive and valuable products.

Example. After selecting a product from a store's range, the seller offers it at a deep discount or even for free, paying only for shipping in exchange for contact details or a subscription.

To understand whether your idea will be in demand, check its popularity by the number of searches on Google. Type 2-3 keywords into the search box and look for queries in your area. If there are more than 1000 per month, then there is demand. Every hundredth could be your customer.

Warm up

A sequence of messages or content designed to inform, interest and engage the customer.

For example. If you sell software, tell the customer about the benefits of your product through a series of emails with successful use cases.

Auto Trigger

An automated message or series of messages sent to a customer following a specific event or action. They help to keep the customer engaged and interested. Auto-triggers are sent using marketing automation systems or email marketing.

For example. If your online shop sells sportswear, you can set up an auto-trigger to send a workout guide and offer a discount on sports accessories after a customer registers, downloads suggested materials or fills out a form.

Follow-up series

A follow up series is a series of sequential instant messages set to be sent automatically to remind the customer of an event, offer or pending action. This stage of the funnel is designed to offer a specific deal, discount or bonus.

Example. Offer a customer an additional discount on items they have added to their basket but not yet purchased.


These marketing and sales strategies are often used in e-commerce. To profitably increase the average cheque, a seller may offer a similar product or service at a higher price point - upsell. Cross-selling is offering products or services that complement the primary purchase.

Example. If a customer buys a smartphone from an online store, it would be appropriate to offer to add a screen protector or case to their online order. In e-commerce, a pre-sale might include offering an extended warranty or a more expensive version of a product on the site.


To retain a customer who, for whatever reason, refuses to buy and does not complete the transaction, another product (cheaper or more expensive) is offered. An alternative option that they may be interested in.

For example. A customer considers buying an expensive subscription to an advanced version of software, but declines because of the high price. The company can offer a downsell in the form of a cheaper version of the software with limited features. This offer can meet the customer's needs while keeping costs down.

Automating funnels should not be seen as a panacea, mainly because they take a lot of time and money to create. It is a general and systematic promotional tool that, in the hands of professionals, will start to work smoothly and generate profit. Start with the simplest funnels. Do not forget to analyse the results and gradually complicate and add new elements. Betonlogos Czech Republic will help you combine automation and create sales funnels for your business.

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