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Product and pricing in dropshipping

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Pricing in dropshipping is directly related to the product or service the business is selling or bringing to market. Although it is a fairly competitive business, the pricing strategy needs to be adaptable to the situation. You need to experiment and try different pricing options, explore new product lines to understand which are successful and which are not.

Without a well-calculated pricing strategy, you run the risk of either over-pricing or missing the point when you need to make a sale. Or, if you price an item too low, you'll reduce your margins and potential revenue. How to evaluate low, medium and high priced goods based on supplier prices? The experts at Betonlogos Czech Republic have listed the peculiarities of working with products in different price categories.

As the price range increases, so does the cost of goods. Therefore, when analysing the target audience, you need to clearly understand who is willing to pay for a product in this price range. If the majority of the audience knows nothing about the product, you can set the price at the level of perceived value. To determine the optimal price for products in this category, you need to clearly understand the cost structure and consider all costs.

Cost-based pricing and bundling strategies can be effective in mid-price categories because they take into account both internal business costs and customer interests.

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You can set a retail markup of up to 300%, so it is important to monitor competitors' prices for similar product lines. Ideally, you should maintain a profit margin of $10 per sale.

Minimum profit strategy (cost plus pricing). In this strategy, the price is set based on the cost of goods, with a minimum markup added to achieve a desired profit margin.

Competitive pricing. When researching prices in a given price category, try to set prices comparable to those of competitors.

Middle price range ($10-25)

These products generally do not have a high perceived value and need to be sold in large quantities to make a profit. Marketing costs are typically 30% of the retail price. This type of dropshipping business is ideal for those who are just finding out how the business model works and want to try their hand at it.

Low price category (under $10)

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Cost-based pricing. In this strategy, the price is set based on the cost of the product, to which the desired profit is added.

  • Based on clear cost data.
  • Allows for product profitability.
  • Can be easily implemented.

  • Does not take into account external market factors and perceived value of the product.
  • May not be in line with the competitive environment if competitors set prices based on other factors.

Bundle pricing. Bundling products together and selling bundles at a bundled price is a good way to lower the retail price while maintaining profit margins. A bundle can include the main product, additional products, services or accessories.

  • Increases price appeal to customers.
  • Can stimulate additional sales and increase average cheque size.
  • Increases perceived value and provides a more complete experience for the customer.

  • Requires careful calculation to ensure package price is profitable.
  • Can be difficult to balance price and perceived value in packages.
  • Not every product lends itself to this strategy.

High price category ($30 and above)

Pricing strategy for high-priced and high-value products requires special attention to perceived value. To justify the price, the product must solve an important customer problem

Value-based pricing. In this strategy, the price is set based on an understanding of how much customers are willing to pay for your product, given its unique features and benefits.

Premium pricing. This is a high price strategy. It is used to emphasise the quality, exclusivity and status of a product.

Product differentiation. By making changes to the product, it is possible to make it unique from competitors' products. This can be a special feature, innovation, design or additional features.

Limited offer. Limited offer, limited quantity or limited time strategies allow for higher prices.

Effective marketing. High-quality and well-designed marketing campaigns should emphasise and highlight the benefits of a product and create an appealing image for the target audience.

Personalisation, exclusivity and restricted access. These elements of the strategy depend on the target audience and the nature of the business. They can be used separately or in combination.

Dropshipping profits

Dropshipping is a great opportunity to try your hand at business and make a profit while working from home.

How do you determine your profit margin? Firstly, you need to consider all your costs, including the cost of goods, operational costs (e.g. website hosting, marketing, customer service) and any additional costs. Most drop shippers use a profit margin of 20%. This figure can increase over time.

Betonlogos s.r.o. develops marketing strategies for its clients' businesses, conducts: supplier reliability checks, thoroughly researches markets, analyses the competitive environment, identifies potential opportunities, calculates risks.

Competition in dropshipping is quite high, so it is important to seek and find a balance between competitiveness and profitability. Focus on long term profitability and increasing CLV to create a sustainable and profitable business.

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