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How To Get To The Top of Google? E-Сommerce Content

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Many articles have been written on the subject and Google's mysterious algorithms and innovations continue to torment the souls of website owners, marketers and mere mortals alike. Let's talk about why it can be so difficult for e-commerce sites to get to the top of Google's search results.

In late 2022, Google released a major new update to its search algorithm. This event had some pretty serious implications for sites whose "content appears to have been created primarily for good search engine rankings, rather than to help or inform people". Such sites were deemed useless by Google and were downgraded in the rankings. Google updated its search algorithm several times in 2023.

Customer reviews aren't just a vote of confidence. They're also a unique source of user-generated content. But what's the best way to get them and then use them? Relevant UGC boosts organic rankings. Additional text makes a page more valuable in the eyes of Google. Betonlogos specialists formulate content requirements, process user feedback and provide expert product reviews.

It is clear that any successful commercial website or online shop is interested in its customers and clients leaving reviews of its products and services. They constantly motivate them to do so. They offer discount vouchers for the next purchase, they make promotional offers. But how do you collect feedback properly?

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Unfortunately, on e-commerce sites and many online shops, it is quite difficult to create E-E-A-T compliant content. "Playing" with keywords, which should show the "authority" of the site's topic, does not bring results.

Online shops are advised to use the space on the home page for visual and dynamic content. It is recommended to use banners to promote product positions. This allows links to buyer's guides and seasonal blog posts to be placed under product categories.

Customer reviews

Content written for search engines is a thing of the past. Following the E-E-A-T concept (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness and Trustworthiness) is crucial to improving a site's ranking in Google's search results. When evaluating a resource, Google pays particular attention to the quality of the content, which demonstrates the experience and knowledge of the author. It analyses the site's reliability, position and reputation in the industry. Search quality evaluators carefully ("manually") review content that could significantly affect the health, financial stability, safety or well-being of readers - YMYL (Your Money or Your Life) issues. So how do you get to the top of Google's search results?


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Dynamic content

After Google's recent updates, it's clear that random reviews with a few lines are ineffective. The shopper needs to be guided by asking the right questions. Google wants to show the most authoritative search results, so any reviews posted on the site should contain useful information for the reader.

A user finds a product they're interested in on a seller's website and starts scrolling through pages of reviews. He may be interested in reading all the reviews in a row, but he is more likely to be looking for answers to specific questions that interest him. Will he find it? Won't he get tired of searching?

One vendor's questions, created from a single template, help users find the answer and topic they are looking for more quickly. Numbers make content more meaningful and easier to read.

Reviews that answer statistical questions with quantitative variables are well suited for online mass merchandise stores, online fashion stores and home appliance stores. Betonlogos' marketing team analyses reviews and customer questionnaires for online shops and marketplaces in various industries.

The best questions to ask about personal preferences are
  • Season: Winter. When the temperature is between -1°C and 4°C. How comfortable and warm were you?
  • Size: L-XL. Does the size of the product correspond to the range indicated on the website?
  • Comfortable temperature. Heat and cold feel different. When did you use the product most? At what temperature do you feel more comfortable?

Leading questions

How do I ask questions so that the respondent gives a specific and clear answer? You need to guide them, give them a clue. Ask things that the customer is unlikely to write about in his/her feedback:
  • How much did you like the product?
  • What aspects of the product did you like most and what surprised you?
  • What was unexpected?

You could ask about specific features of the product or suggest a comparison with similar competing products.
  • Do you think the user-friendly interface of the equipment is its outstanding feature?
  • How useful is the uninterrupted operation of the charger for the user?
  • Compare the lifespan of a product bought on our website with the products you have used before. Write down three differences.

Targeted review questions help dropshipping, e-commerce and online shopping sites make their content useful to users. This not only improves the quality of the site, but also shows Google's algorithms that the online resource cares about the needs of its audience and its reputation.

According to recent studies, photos and video reviews from real customers are the content users are most interested in when searching for a specific product or service. Google's evaluators, on the other hand, assess the quality of a website by analysing the relevance of its textual content and the relevance of its content to users' queries. Betonlogos s.r.o. performs SEO analysis and audits of drop-shipping and e-commerce websites. It helps to find out how effectively an online resource is ranked in search engines and which elements need to be optimised.

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