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How to simplify the checkout process on the website?

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Congratulations! A customer has selected a product and has already placed an online order on your website. You have worked hard. You have built sales funnels, invested time and money in advertising, promoted on social networks, optimised your website. Another 5 minutes and your efforts will be justified. But something went wrong! The customer has left. What 'scared him away'? Did he not want to buy anything? Or was there another reason?

During the checkout process, the customer: adds a product to the basket, fills in the necessary information and makes the payment. He does not see the seller, and all the time he is concerned about three things: the price of the product, the security of his data and the authenticity of the shopping site. He wants to choose the best product in terms of price and quality. They want to know that their personal or payment information will not be stolen. And finally, they want to be sure that they are dealing with a real seller and not a fraudster.

What do you need to do to make sure the customer doesn't leave during the purchase process? How can you optimise the checkout page? How can you reduce the likelihood of abandonment?

Add a progress indicator or step visualisation to the checkout page. This will reduce the likelihood of abandonment. It's important for a customer to know how long it will take to place an order, where they are in the process and how much longer it will take. Progress indicators should be a must if you have a multi-step and complex order registration system.

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Forced registration can put off potential customers. Offer guest payment for those who don't want to create an account at checkout. After selecting an item, the user adds it to the basket, fills in the delivery details and makes the payment.

Progress Indicators

Combine all order checkout steps into a single page. This reduces the number of transitions within the site and simplifies the process for shoppers. Single page checkout improves the user experience and reduces the likelihood of abandonment as customers can easily see the entire process and complete the order form as they move through the page.

One page checkout

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Guest payment

Use autocomplete for shipping and payment information to help users fill out forms quickly. It's important to provide the ability to edit data when information changes or is updated.

Provide clear information about the cost of goods, delivery and any additional charges before the order is placed. Offer a variety of payment methods (credit/debit cards, PayPal, Apple Pay). Include one-click payment services.

Mobile Optimisation
Make sure your checkout process is mobile friendly, as many people shop using smartphones or tablets.

Ensure security
Display trust and security seals (Norton Secured, McAfee Secure, TrustArc), SSL certificates. Make sure your site is protected by an SSL certificate, which encrypts information transmitted between the user and the server, preventing eavesdropping and data leakage.

Avoid distractions
At the checkout stage, don't overload your customer with unnecessary information. Remove anything that could distract them from the page: banners, pop-ups, information areas and navigation bars.

Promo code and voucher code
96% of shoppers actively search for coupon codes before making a purchase, and 51% will definitely use them. Promo codes and coupons are a great way to increase e-commerce sales. They motivate new customers to place their first order, help retain existing customers and encourage repeat purchases.

Clear call to action (CTA)
Use clear and prominent calls to action: 'Add to cart', 'Proceed to checkout' and 'Complete purchase'.

Cause of error
Set up an automatic message about the problem if a user makes a mistake while placing an order. If the error was your fault, such as the payment gateway not working, contact the customer and resolve the situation.

Fast customer support
For many customers, placing an order online is a difficult and frightening step. They are making a choice and afraid of making a mistake. In addition, the checkout process itself can be overwhelming. When it comes to online support, 89% of customers will place a repeat order even after a bad experience. Online chat is a good option for providing quick help when users have questions or problems during the checkout process. Include a contact number on the page, even if it is already in the header and footer of the page. Include a link to the FAQ page so users can find answers to common questions.

Betonlogos: simple, fast, safe
Betonlogos s.r.o. regularly monitors the performance of partner websites. An unoptimised checkout process in e-commerce is detrimental to business. Betonlogos specialists analyse the checkout process according to the following criteria: comfort and visual attractiveness of the page, priority of security, transparency of prices, design options, ease/difficulty of navigation, multi-step. Don't forget that the shopping process should be simple, fast and secure.

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Autocomplete data

Payment and delivery transparency

Review the checkout process and remove any unnecessary steps or fields that slow down or complicate the process for customers.

Remove unnecessary steps

The shopper should be able to edit the contents of the shopping basket, the number of items, delivery information, etc., without having to go to other pages. This is a very important point. It is necessary to exclude any unnecessary transitions, any actions that could distract from the purchase process.

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