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Automate routine operations, reduce costs and create new supply chains
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No more upfront inventory or shipping logistics costs. We're on our own, building your product chain from your closest partners so your customers get their orders quickly, and your business can optimize its costs and increase its profitability.
Your customer places an order at your store
Your partner prepares your customer's order
Your store automatically sends the order to your partner
Your client doesn't waste his time looking for it and gets the product he needs

How does Betonlogos company work?

Our goal is to improve your processes. We will help you automate your routine, reduce costs and create new supply and sales chains.
By contacting Betonlogos, you will finally be able to complete old projects and discover new horizons.
We offer your business to optimize your supply chain and sell goods without intermediate storage in your warehouse. Our company undertakes all risks, negotiations with partners, work with the client base, and cost optimization.

Industries Betonlogos company works in:

Why is Betonlogos Czech Republic?


We work with all segments of electronics. From headphones to televisions. We work with brands such as: Samsung, Apple, LG, Sony, Philips, Meizu, Huawei and others.
Betonlogos electronics
BetonLogos agribusiness


Huge selection of any textiles. We can provide from wholesale supplies of ready-made garments, fabric rolls, limited batches from world manufacturers.


We also have everything for seeding, a fertilizer base, and general agribusiness products. From fertilizers to fireplaces and pools for cottages and crops for farmers.
Betonlogos equipment


We are also open to any suggestions from our customers. You can call us or send us a proposal by mail, or just leave an application.
Betonlogos other


We work with industrial equipment. And we can help with a large number of machines and units, such as: construction equipment, equipment for farmers, machines for the service station. As well as welding, storage, ventilation equipment and much more.
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