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Expert Tips. Effective eMail marketing

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Email has been a relevant digital marketing tool for over forty years. Popular messengers, targeted advertising, SEO and social media are often less effective in promoting products and services.

If you need clickable links, URLs and UTM tags for a cathedral of statistics, open tracking, simple replies, attachments or images, you have email. At the same time, email is far from perfect. Customers complain about spam. Important messages get lost in the chaos of incoming email. Yet the number of email users, now 4.5 billion, is growing every year. What do you need to consider when creating your newsletters?

Most people open their emails on mobile devices. So get to the point. The body of the message should be concise. Direct users to blog posts or landing pages. Keep a balance between promotional messages and informative, non-promotional messages.

See the email through the recipient's eyes before you send it. Send it to yourself or to a colleague. That way you'll be sure that all the buttons and links work properly.

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There is only one click between a user's interest and their decision to close an email! To keep the customer from closing the email, there must be interesting and useful content in it. Look at the sources of your contacts, your lists, and write to those who will really be interested in your message. Purge your email lists quarterly. Remove unengaged subscribers from your mailing list base without regret, at least once a quarter.

Message: visibility, balance and brevity

From February 2024, the major email services Gmail and Yahoo Mail have changed the rules for using their services. Those who send more than 5,000 emails per month will have to: allow users to easily unsubscribe, focus on message relevance, and authenticate outgoing emails. Gmail and Yahoo Mail aim to reduce irrelevant and low quality messages, protect recipients from spam and increase the value of email. Users must give consent for their data to be used and for information to be sent. Remember, you are a guest in your subscribers' inboxes.

Changes to Gmail and Yahoo Mail

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Quality, not quantity

Open rate is one of the most important indicators of newsletter quality, but for a business, online shop or retailer, what matters is the recipient's engagement - their response to the email. Engagement markers can be
  • Click-throughs
  • Response
  • Sales
  • Replies
  • Read rate
It's important to properly evaluate what happened after the email was opened, not just the fact that the email was opened.

Use interesting headlines, but make sure they are not spammy. If people feel cheated, they are likely to unsubscribe or mark your message as spam. You can keep things intriguing to motivate the recipient to open the email. Choose keywords and experiment to capture the attention of your target audience. The subject line is often one of the first parameters when A/B testing a newsletter.

How to segment your email marketing lists

Segmenting email marketing lists increases conversion rates. Segmentation allows you to send more targeted messages. You can segment
customer list (by order date, prospects and those still considering)
  • by newsletter subscription date
  • New email list (weekly, monthly)
  • by demographics such as age, location or job title
  • by interest

Adding value: interactivity and personalisation

Experiment with interactive email elements: countdown timers, real-time questionnaires. Use animation and GIFs in your emails to bring them to life. Place calls to action (CTAs) after the first paragraph and again at the end. Relevant and personalised emails have a high open rate.

Betonlogos performs segmentation of subscribers and website users. We offer e-commerce affiliate marketing services. After studying the client's target audience, Betonlogos s.r.o. specialists develop an email marketing strategy for your business, segment databases, create a mailing plan and carry out personalised mailings.

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How to measure engagement

Headline: Intrigue and motivation

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